Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pure Expression

I went to grab a quick reading from a psychic a couple years back in Providence. She had me wait in her living room while she tended to her little 3 yr old daughter named Princess. I remember thinking "this is a bad idea" after hearing the toddler's name but I was soon called in to her kitchen and she read my palm. She told me that there was a wall up between me and my creativity. She also told me that I had a question to ask her. Both, the wall and the question, were mysteries to me. I definitely could feel the wall but I could not define it. I still cannot define it. I still do not know what the right question would have been. It was almost like I could ask her anything in the world and she would have given me the most perfect answer, the key to my existence? 
I now know that the question should have been, "what do I need to do to get over the wall?"

Merril Garbus of Tune-yards, the only member of this band, has knocked down this wall and is exactly herself 100%. What a freeing feeling, right?!
Etsy just created a lovely video interviewing Merril and her liberating creative process. I can't love this enough.

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